How can we supply over $800 of cybersecurity analysis for only $99?
We think it's worth our time and effort to introduce online business owners to HackerVaccine at a loss. That's how certain we are that you'll love our results...

Any comparable security audit from any other security firm would cost a minimum of $800.  That's the starting point, and they only get more expensive.  You can easily spend $1200, $3000, even $5000 or more for a similar security scan, analysis, and report.  So why don't  we charge more?  Because we believe you'll be so impressed by our results that you'll want to engage us further to assist you in patching the holes we find in your online infrastructure, and that we'll make up our HackerVaccine time and resource investment in your business in future business with you.

So what are some of the things HackerVaccine doesn't do?
Doesn't require any of your time.
Doesn't require any resources.
Doesn't require any access to your internal systems.
Doesn't require training or expertise.
Doesn't involve any risk of granting any access to your systems.
Doesn't require a commitment.
Doesn't require you to buy any software.
Doesn't require you purchase any hardware.

Even if you don't engage us beyond the $99 scan, we're still very happy to supply you with the finest scan, analysis, and report you can buy.  Why?  Because making the Internet safer and more secure counts, and that's our reason for doing what we do.  It benefits everyone, and we're happy to contribute to that goal however and whenever we can.

If you have any questions, please email us at
Please include the contact email address and URL to scan you specified in your order.

If you'd like to request a scan, please click here and fill in the required information.

By the way, we offer significant discounts for returning customers who want a regular web security check-up.  It's a good idea to re-run Hacker Vaccine whenever you make significant changes to any of your website infrastructure (adding new pages, changing hosting providers, adding new features, etc.).  Remember, web security isn't a one-shot task. It's a continuing effort that requires pro-active, adaptive expertise like that supplied by Hacker Vaccine.

Again, thank you for your business, and we will do our best to make your system as safe and secure from hackers as it can be.

The Hacker Vaccine Team