Hackers and Hacking: Erecting a wall against the Digital Visigoths of the computer age

They write and install viruses to steal money, identities, commercial secrets...they exploit weakness to vandalize websites, databases, and networks. They steal, lie, destroy, and embarass. They laugh while doing it.

The terms are familiar to you: Anonymous. Wikileaks. Stuxnet. Trojans. Malware. Flame. "Hacking", the dynamic accessing of otherwise inaccessible areas of technology, has two definitions. One is benign, the other is malignant. We aren't concerned about the benign strain, or "Ethical Hackers". In fact, we count ourselves among their number.

Our concern is with those hackers who exploit technology to the detriment of the owners of that technology. Our effort is directed at neutralizing those groups and individuals who have no respect for private property, and who justify their lack of moral and philosophical integrity with empty emotional platitudes and appeals to entropy and chaos, as though decay and destruction are worthy goals in themselves. These are the hackers we resist, the damage we avoid, and the destruction we prevent.

Hackers and their tools have transitioned from a minor annoyance in the back room into mainstream consciousness. Their motivations range from individual greed to government reformation to military advantage to a simple collective enjoyment of chaos and destruction. They are the Russian spear phisher, the Wikileaks data leaker, and the Anonymous anarchist. They have several things in common:

  • They attack the weak, the unsuspecting, and the unprepared.

  • They understand the target technology at a level equal or even superior to the owners of that technology.

  • They work together, feeding on each other's knowledge and experience in compromising systems.

Their victims are often so embarrassed that they attempt to hide the damage while attempting, in vain, to rewind the clock and put their broken Humpty Dumpty data back together again. There is only one successful approach to defeating the hacker, and as industry experts have admitted, it isn't to detect a flaw after the fact, but to be proactive.

Just as in microbiology, recovering from a virulent attacking organism is far less preferable and effective than being proactively vaccinated against it. And just as in the microbiological world, immunity is gained by exposure to subdued and controlled threats with the same "DNA" as the malignant strain being vaccinated against.

HackerVaccine is the result of countless man-hours of research, development, and forensic experience in malignant system access prevention. Unlike anti-virus and traditional malware scanners which look for an infection after the fact, HackerVaccine tests, analyses, and reports the strength of public or potentially public-facing network systems before an invasive attack takes place. Identification of specific weaknesses is followed by directed effort to close the loopholes and shore up likely failure points before an attack can cause damage.

HackerVaccine supplies a network/web evaluation and service that was previously so prohibitively expensive that only Fortune 500 companies could afford it, and so cutting edge that only "Black Hat" hackers had the tools or ability to attempt it. Much like a positive inverse model of the "Anonymous" hacker group, HackerVaccine is a distributed network of ethical hackers who know network and web security inside and out, and who are armed with both the most up-to-date powerful tools available to anyone, good guy or "Black Hat". We use the tools hackers use to prevent hackers from gaining access to your systems. We are as dedicated to theft prevention and system security as our opponents are to intrusion and destruction. And we're better at our craft than they are at theirs.

So what are some of the things HackerVaccine doesn't do?
HackerVaccine doesn't require any of your time.
HackerVaccine doesn't require any resources.
HackerVaccine doesn't require any access to your internal systems.
HackerVaccine doesn't require training or expertise.
HackerVaccine doesn't involve any risk of granting any access to your systems.
HackerVaccine doesn't require a commitment.
HackerVaccine doesn't require you to buy any software.
HackerVaccine doesn't require you purchase any hardware.

If you are not completely satisfied with your HackerVaccine results, you are entitled to a 100% refund or replacement scan within 60 days of your original purchase, no questions asked.

If you have a web-based business, department, or even a blog, could you really afford to have a digital vandal access and even change your data? Imagine the embarrassment, the humiliation of having to explain to your clients, readers, or customers that their data is now in the hands of a person or persons unknown, and that you have no control over what happens to it. The damage to your reputation and to the trust placed in you might be irreparable. Why take the chance? For only $99, you can see what the hackers see, and start plugging the holes that will otherwise sink your on-line enterprise.

Since our resources are limited, the HackerVaccine service is only available on a limited basis by invitation only. To get your invitation, please fill out this form. We will schedule your scan as soon as possible, and we'll notify you when a slot is available. We won't be running this promotion forever, so it's first come, first served. And don't forget, if you know a friend or business who depends on their Internet presence for their livelihood, consider giving them a HackerVaccine scan as a gift. You might just save their digital life and prevent immeasurable pain to their on-line customers.

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