Nobody is safe. Nowhere is secure. Nothing can undo damage once it's done...
Welcome to the Cyber World War. The Internet is the battle field, and your website is behind enemy lines...

You didn't ask for this war. You don't even know who the enemy is. You just want to be left alone. But the enemy has you in his sights, and he has endless resources, resolve, and time. You're outnumbered, out-gunned, and blind. One oversight, one tiny opening, and he'll pour into your digital domain like Charlie over the perimeter wire.

HackerVaccine is a fully-distributed, state-of-the-art network security enhancement enterprise dedicated to proactive digital defense. Once malicious individuals or software is inside your perimeter, it's too late, they've already won. The only effective defense is a proactive offense. Find out where the weaknesses in your Internet systems are, and eliminate them.

HackerVaccine is a world-wide network of security professionals. We dedicate ourselves to identifying weaknesses in web and Internet infrastructure using the most up-to-date detection tools and techniques to keep our clients one step ahead of digital thieves, vandals, spies, competitors, and anyone who should not have access to your systems.

HackerVaccine removes all doubt as to whether your IT infrastructure is safe or not by attempting to break into it using the tools hackers use. If a breach is possible, we notify you of the exact nature of the weakness. Additionally, our world-wide network of experts can assist you in fixing the problems we find if you don't have the spare time or resources to do it yourself. No additional IT staff or resources are required.

So what are some of the things HackerVaccine doesn't do?

HackerVaccine doesn't require any of your time.
HackerVaccine doesn't require any resources.
HackerVaccine doesn't require any access to your internal systems.
HackerVaccine doesn't require training or expertise.
HackerVaccine doesn't involve any risk of granting any access to your systems.
HackerVaccine doesn't require a commitment.
HackerVaccine doesn't require you to buy any software.
HackerVaccine doesn't require you purchase any hardware.

HackerVaccine is guaranteed to supply you with complete, ethical security analysis at the lowest possible price. If you are unhappy with the scan report for any reason, we will supply another scan completely free of charge or refund your purchase price.

Since our resources are limited, the HackerVaccine service is only available on a limited basis by invitation only. To get your invitation, please fill out this form. We will schedule your scan as soon as possible. First come, first served.

Join the HackerVaccine Cyber War Resistance!
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  • Become a HackerVaccine Professional Affiliate and take the war to the enemy

    Deploy your own fleet of HackerVaccine scans to hold the line against hackers and malware attacking websites and businesses that you contact. Ask about becoming a HackerVaccine affiliate.